Sunday, March 13, 2011

a Trip back East

We went out to Jersey at the end of February beginning of March for BJ's younger brothers wedding. An interesting tid bit of information...BJ's family has had 3 weddings in 18 months! That's a whole lot of wedding stuff, but it's been fun and we're glad we've been able to be apart of them. On our flight out there, the flight was cancelled due to mechanical problems. I swear every time we fly out east we experience some inconvenience with our flight whether it's delayed 5 hours, cancelled, missing a flight, etc. We seriously have had some bad flying experiences, but I won't go in to that now. Anyways, while we were out there we naturally went in to NYC for a day which is always a fun time. It was nice to go in to the city during this time of year. We are usually there during Christmas and NYC during Christmas is basically insane and freezing.

This is the Toys R Us giraffe. Does anyone know his name? We didn't. I didn't even know he had a name. It's Geoffrey with a G in case you were curious:)

Time Square

The "gold man" in the subway station. Who does that?

We went to Phantom of the Opera on broadway. It was incredible!

Before we went out to New Jersey, BJ told me that he had a surprise date for me. He wouldn't tell me what it was until we got home, so I had to wait two whole weeks to find out! The surprise was that he got tickets to Disney on Ice! I know, I'm 5 years old. When people would ask us what we were doing over the weekend and we told them we were going to Disney on Ice, nearly everyone was like "oh. fun. Are you going with a niece or nephew or anyone?" But no. Just us. A couple of grown adults. It was loads of fun though and I loved it!

This picture is supposed to have all the characters behind us, but the lady who took our picture took her sweet time and they all skated off the ice. So here's us with a blank patch of ice. Oh, wait, in the corner there is the troll from Toy Story. At least he's there.