Sunday, June 13, 2010


This last Saturday, June 12th, it was pretty much shower central and it was so much fun to see all the girls again! The morning started off CELEBRATING with a bridal shower for Ash and then we had a baby shower for Ali. I'm sorry I don't have any pictures of Ali's shower. Hopefully someone else has copies of those because I'm bummed that I don't have our big group one. I'm so glad that we had such a great turn out and I'm really grateful to everyone who came! It was so GrEaT to see you all again!
Here is the lovely Mrs. Ashley Ann Bradshaw, the soon to be Mrs. Ashley Ann Anderson, showing off her new favorite outfit. She wore it to church on Sunday, it was a big hit:)

Haylee LOVED all the pretty dresses Ashley got. she pulled this one out and started pulling her pants off so she could put it on. I guess I know what to get her for Christmas and her birthday. She hates shorts, but is a big fAn of LinGerie!

A special thanks to Laura for helping me out so much with all the food and helping me plan. Everyone thanked me and said how great the food was, but she was the one who did the hard stuff, I just baked some potatoes, but now that I think about it that was pretty difficult to do:) tHaNkS LaUrA!

Last weekend my cUTe grandparents invited us down for a quick trip to Saint Jorge aka St. George. The weather was beAutiFul down there and we had a B-lAsT! We've been spending so much time working and BJ studying all the time so it was a much needed break. Saturday morning we went golfing. We played 18 holes! I don't know if you've ever played 18 holes in 106 degree weather, but it gets a little hot and sticky. We made a bet with my grandparents that whoever lost had to buy dinner that night, my grandma quit by hole 7. So you can imagine who won:)

Here I am just driving away. This was the second half of the course and my feet started hurting so I played barefoot. Surprisingly, I played a little beTTer. After golfing, we went for a quick swim and it was GreAt! For dinner that night we drove down to Mesquite because my grandparents wanted to show us their games they wanted to play at the casino. It was grandma sat down at a machine she likes and said she'd put 10 in for me and 10 in for her and she'd split whatever she made with me. Five minutes later she's handing me $35. That's the best gambling I've ever done. I didn't even do or pay anything and I made money, not bad, eh?

Finally, we went and visited the St. George temple. Those two activities seem's and temples. It was a SuPEr fun day though and we were very excited to have a liTTle break.

We also went to ChINa! I wish. Actually I don't wish that much. Anyways...on Memorial Day we were supposed to go camping but the dang snow storm in May kind of ruined our campground. Oh well. We still had a fun break! We went to the ZOO!

Here's us all at the bird show. This is a pretty legit show that they put on, but it did make it a lot more FuN to have Haylee there. She was so excited and screaming about every biRd we saw.

SurPrisingly, BJ does measure up. He's like a foot taller than a gorilla and his arms really aren't that much ShOrTEr. CongraTS beeJ, you could be a MonKEy!

YeAh, we touched the GiraFFes. They just came right up to us so naturally we petted their heads. Not really, this is just my talented camera skills. Or LUck. That giraffe kinda looks like he's going to fall over...
And finally here is the LoVELy bald eagle at the end of the show to celebrate MEMORIAL DAY!

This picture is random and really not flattering, but I had to put it in because it was monumental moment in my life. I think monumental is the right word? The bACk pACk i'm holding is one that I've had since the 2nd grade, and well, I just graduated from college. That thing has been around for quite some time and it treated me well. Granted, I've had several back packs through all my schooling years, but this one lasted till the end. BJ promised me a new back pack for school in the FALL so I figured it was time to say good bye to ole' faithful and this was the night I threw it away.