Thursday, September 16, 2010

EnD of SuMMer

Sadly, the summer has come to an end. Tear. I love the summer so much! BJ and I were able to do so many fun things this summer, like...milking a cow and going to the Real Salt Lake soccer game. This was my first milking a cow and it was definitely different than I thought. I was expecting the utters to be slimy, but they weren't at all. It was great!

I've never gone to a Real game before and I didn't realize that we had such die hard soccer fans here in Utah. I also didn't realize what a big deal Real is, I didn't know they were so good.

During August on Monday nights one of the parks had movies playing on a big projector outside. It was a fun group date activity, except I was sliding down the hill all night!

On August 21, the lovely BJ Kramer and myself celebrated our ONE year ANNIVERSARY! It's nice because we both have Fridays off and our anniversary was on a Saturday, so we were able to celebrate and do fun things all weekend. This past year has been the BEST year ever and I am so lucky to be married to such an amazing person!

We went to Tepanyaki for dinner and it was delish! This is our cook. He was quite talented with his cooking utensils!

On Saturday we went golfing at this course in Provo called Cascade and it was awful. Well it was fun, but we both played not well and lost like 30 or 40 balls between the two of us. It was a hard course though and kinda retarded. That night we went up to Park City and did the night ski lift and a little shopping. Overall we had a great anniversary and life is gReAT!