Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a Quicky to Jackson Hole!

Over the 24th we headed over to good ole' Jackson Hole for the weekend. It was great fun! Once we finally got there. The drive there was awful. I was told it took about 4 hours, so when we were getting into hour 7 I was getting pretty grumpy about it. Normally it wouldn't have taken that long, but we got confused on which way to go a couple of times. We got there Friday evening and just went into town and got some din din at a restaurant called the "Merry Piglets". You wouldn't think that a restaurant called the "Merry Piglets" would be Mexican, would ya?

Here we are sitting in a big bear...

On saturday we went river rafting on the Snake River. Haylee was able to come too because rather than have a river guide like what we normally do, we rented our own raft and started out in a place where the river doesn't have as many rapids and is a little more calm.

Is it just me or does my tricep look exceptionally big in this picture?:)

This is just a funny picture. Haylee was standing by Dutch as he was lounging on the couch like he always does and then she climbed up and layed by him and said that she wants to sit like Dutchy. Then she kept barking and walking around like a dog. I just love these two!

On Monday August 19, 2010 the lovely Ashley Bradshaw (now Anderson) married the lovely Stephen Anderson (now Bradshaw). They switched last names, it was weird. Anyways, she looked beautiful and their wedding was so much fun! I wish I had more pictures, more like any pictures, of the reception. But these are the couple that I do have of the temple. I'm so excited for both of them and they make a fantastic couple!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Maybe I shouldn't call this hiking "extravaganza" because it makes it sound like we go everyday all the time and frankly that's just not the case. But...the past two weeks we have gone twice! That's kind of a lot, right? Two weeks ago we hiked on a trail up Little Cottonwood Canyon. It's a real easy hike and has a pretty view, the best part is the lake up at the top. It's right in the center of all the mountains so you can't even tell it's there. Then the other day we went hiking up Stewart Falls by Sundance. We went with Tyler, Laura, and Haylee. I think Haylee enjoyed herself considering she was carried the whole way:) No, we all enjoyed ourselves. This was also a pretty easy hike. It's about 4 miles total, but the trail is beautiful all the way up to the waterfall, so that was tons of fun too! A couple of weeks ago we were in New Jersey for BJ's sister's wedding. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the wedding. That was real smart of me, I know. We did take some pictures at the beach though. We went to the Jersey Shore. They were actually filming the day we were there so that was kinda neat. Jk jk, they weren't. We also were able to go to BJ's little brother and sister's graduations. Ben graduated from high school and Sarah graduated from 8th grade! It was fun being out there and being able to participate in all the exciting things that happened that week! Side note: can I just say that blogging is one of the most challenging things for me. It takes me forever to upload all these dang pictures and then they look awful and it just never turns out how I planned. It's rather frustrating and if anyone feels similar and has a better method, please let me know because for some reason I struggle with it pretty bad. That's all:)