Thursday, April 26, 2012

She's FINALLY here!!!

Well...Hadley Lynn Kramer finally decided to make her grand entrance into this world on April 20, 2012. BJ and I couldn't be happier! She honestly has been such a perfect little baby! I'll tell more about everything that went down, but first a couple of exciting things have happened in these past few months that I haven't updated about.

So these past two years we both kind of feel like we've been a little stuck with waiting to start medical school and get the show on the road with our lives. We applied last year and unfortunately weren't accepted into any of the schools, so we had to apply again this year. Round 2 went much better and things seemed much more promising this time around. BJ had several interviews during December and felt good about all of them. When we heard back from the schools all of them said that he was on a wait list and could be notified as late as August of whether or not he was accepted. We felt grateful for the wait list, because it was definitely better than a "no", but a little worried because if they weren't going to let us know until August it made it a little difficult to plan what our next step should be. Well early February BJ had a phone call from Touro University of Nevada telling him that he was accepted into their medical school and that school starts the beginning of August! The school is in Henderson, Nevada which is just right outside of Las Vegas, so if anyone ever wants to come to Vegas make sure to give us a call! We were both so thrilled to know that he would definitely be starting medical school this year and this school was one that we both really liked and felt good about. I am sad to be leaving Utah and all our friends and family that live here, but so grateful to be going somewhere close by and where it's pretty much nice weather year round:) I'm so proud of BJ! He worked so hard to make sure he had a good application and has been so patient with this whole process. I know that he is going to be such a good doctor someday and can't wait for him to get started! Even though it's been frustrating waiting a whole year longer to get started, I really do feel that has been a blessing for us to be in Provo another year and know that Heavenly Father definitely has a better plan for us than we do!

Since we will be moving this summer to Las Vegas and for the past year we've just had one car, we decided we would invest in a scooter for BJ. We figured they're much cheaper than a new car, have way better gas mileage, he would only need to drive it to and from school which is maybe a 10 or 15 minute drive so it would be a good investment for the time being. I haven't been able to ride it a whole lot being pregnant and all, but BJ has enjoyed it when it's not raining. Here's the beauty...

Alright, sorry this is a long post, and there's still so much more...Maybe this will be more information than people want, but I kinda use this blog as my journal because I don't keep one so this is the only thing I have. So at my 36 week appointment the doctor checked how dilated I was and I was already dilated to a 2! I was so surprised and the doctor said that was great and the baby will be here any day. Then a week later I was dilated to a 3 and again was told any day now and everything looked great. Three weeks later, at 40 weeks, I was still at a 3! I was feeling a little frustrated because I had been expecting this baby a week or 2 previous and she still wasn't here. I kept trying to remind myself that it's better for her to continue developing as long as she can and that I would rather have her come late and be healthy than early and possibly have some complications. My date to be induced was Monday, April 23rd. Well BJ's parents were coming in to town and his dad was leaving on the 22nd. We for sure thought she would be there by then because my due date was April 14th. So when I went to my 41 week appointment the doctor checked me, stripped my membranes, and told me to come back the next day to see if I had made any progress. So I went in the next day, April 19th, and the doctor told me I was about at a 3.5 to 4 and that he would induce me that day, but hi schedule was full, so they got me on the schedule for the next day. I was so excited! He told me they would call me between 6:30 and 9:30 in the morning to let me know when to come in. Well April 20th was BYUs graduation and both BJ's sister, Tiffany, and my brother, Tyler, were graduating that day, so I figured I'd go until I heard from the hospital. Well around 8:45, in the middle of Tiff's graduation, we got the call and were asked if we could be there by 9:45. So we left pretty shortly after and headed to American Fork hospital. It was definitely a different experience than we were planning. We felt like we were checking into a hotel rather than going to have a baby. I wasn't having any contractions or feeling any pain, so we just went to our room, got changed, and watched some Disney channel:) They started me on Pitocin, I started having more and more intense contractions so I got the epidural, which was amazing! I don't know how women do it without an epidural because I was dying. Then at 7:26 that night she arrived weighing in at 7 lbs 9 oz and was 19.5 inches long. Everyone was guessing how much she'd weigh and thought she'd be in the low 6 lbs, but she sure proved everyone wrong! She has been such a blessing to us already and we just can't get enough of her! BJ and I both feel incredibly grateful for all that we've been blessed with lately. I had such a great pregnancy and was feeling really good all the way till the end. Labor and delivery was so much better than I thought it could be, and Hadley has been such a good baby. I know I may be biased, but this sweet little baby girl rarely cries, is feeding pretty good, and just makes us so happy. We are so grateful to our family and friends for being here for us and being so supportive and helpful.

 She was hungry pretty much right after she arrived.

 BJ loved giving her a bath and all of the nurses were having a lot of fun styling her hair the whole time we were in the hospital.

 After we got to our room and she was all cleaned up.

 Sometimes her hair goes a little crazy. I didn't think I'd have to worry about how to style a babies hair, but really I don't know what to do with it, so I try to do it, but it usually just goes all crazy again:)

 I feel like her car seat just drowns her and looks extremely uncomfortable, but so far she's done well in it and just sleeps.
 On our way home! Her outfit has a hood on it, but it's a bit too big obviously.
Haylee couldn't get enough of Hadley and wouldn't share her with anyone else. We wanted a picture of the cousins, but it was difficult getting one with everyone smiling and looking at the camera.

Thanks again to our friends and family for all you guys do for us. We love you guys! And we love you Hadley!

P.S. I haven't blogged since they updated this website and it is so much easier. It's great!