Saturday, October 15, 2011


So I realize that it's already halfway through October, but there were a lot of things that we did/happened during September that I want to post about...First on September 3rd, we did our first triathlon! Granted, it was a sprint triathlon, so not your typical full length one, but it was still fun. The run was a 5K, the biking was 16 miles, and the swim was only 350 meters. I needed to start out small considering I've never real swam laps before:)

Look at that beautiful form! ha ha

I wish I could've taken more pictures during the race, but that's kinda difficult to do.

Then later in the month BJ had a birthday! I threw a surprise party for him with some friends and family and then on the weekend I took him to the circus up in Salt Lake. Unfortunately, my camera died at the beginning of the circus so we couldn't get many pictures. I always forget to charge my camera, I should work on that.

Last, but not least...BJ and I are havin' a baby! This didn't necessarily happen in September, but we wanted to wait till I was 12 weeks along before we started telling people. We told our families over Conference weekend and it was a lot of fun and exciting to be able to finally tell people! I'm now 14 weeks along and am due April 14th. We both just feel extremely blessed that I was able to get pregnant and for how well everything has gone so far. I feel like everyone posts pictures of their pregnancy progress, so I wanted to too, even though I dislike taking pictures by myself so I felt awkward, oh well:) So here's 14 weeks and only 26 more to go! I feel like this is going to be a really long pregnancy with me counting down week by week.