Monday, May 21, 2012

oNe moNtH

Yesterday Hadley was officially 1 month old. This past month has gone by quite rapidly and we've loved every second of it! Well...she had a really bad day one day and we didn't love that so much, jk. She has been such a good, happy baby and even though she doesn't do a whole lot, she's pretty fun to look at and is starting to give little smiles here and there:)

                                                                 On our way to church.
On Friday, my little brother Colby came home from his mission. His call was the Oklahoma Tulsa mission, but he spent most of his mission in Missouri. It was so fun to see him and we are so happy to have him home!

                                                                         The airport.

The month of May also brought my first Mother's Day! I don't think I've been a mom long enough to feel like I deserve to celebrate Mother's Day, but it was still a super fun day and I love being a mom so far!
 Our outfits match quite perfectly and we didn't even plan it.

All the grand kids with grandma. 
They aren't the most cooperative when we're trying to get them all together for a picture. For a Mother's Day gift for the grandmas we thought it would be fun to have real pictures taken of the grand kids all dressed up. They just weren't having it and this was the best we got. None of them are smiling, but they look pretty cute all grumpy:)

Here's Hadley taking her first bath ever. She loves bath time and just lays there so peacefully with her little duck keeping her warm. This has been a great month and we're excited for a fun summer!