Sunday, October 31, 2010


So...It's been quite a while since I last updated. I always tell myself not to wait too long to update this thing because then it's just stressful for me to try to add and explain all the pictures I want to, but this past month just went by way too quickly and I never had time. Anywho, this past month has been a blast! We did tons of fun stuff and I have come to realize that I really do LoVe HaLLoWeeN!

Well, BJ's birthday is at the end of September and we went to the Aquarium up in Sandy. I loved it and I think he did too. They have lots of cool animals and they let you touch sting rays, which was especially exciting to me.

You'll notice a dramatic difference in my skin tone in just a month! Ha ha! It's kinda sad, but oh well, it's okay:)

At the beginning of OctoBeR we drove out to CaliForNiA to pick up BJ's brother, Sterling, from his mission. It's quite the drive out there, but we were happy we were able to get off of work and school to go see him and BJ's parents for a few days. We did a ton of stuff in the short amount of time we were there! The first day we went hiking in Yosemite National Park and it was beautiful. The next day we drove to Monterey Bay and had dinner on the pier and went to the beach. Then the last day we went to the Oakland Temple and San Francisco. The whole trip was great and we had a great time!!

Now for the HaLLoWeen FeSTivItIEs...I saw these cute little glitter pumpkins online and then Martha Stewart taught me how to make them:) They were fun and easy to make!

We carved puMpkiNs with our friends Brittney and Eric. Ours was pretty sweet, but we messed up on the top of the hat and so the next day it caved in and was ruined. That was dumb, but it was cool for one night.

And finally, the BeSt of all, yesterday (October 30th) BJ and I ran the "Halloween Half Marathon"! It really was so much fun! If you ever want to run one, I would suggest doing this one because you get to dress up in your haLLoWeeN costume which just makes it that much better! We did awesome and ran the whole way down! My mom came down and brought Haylee and Dutch, ha ha, for support. We were happy to see them at the finish! We both can barely move and ache all over, but it was definitely worth it! We also went to a HauNtEd HoUse with Ash and Stephen that night. The best part about this haunted house was that it only cost $1.00. You can't beat that and it really was ScAry, at least for me.

We dressed up as Where's Waldo and just made our costumes out of duck tape. Pretty much the cheapest costume ever.

Before the race up at the starting line...

After the race. We were both pretty gross after:)