Sunday, July 22, 2012

tHrEe mOnTHs

Wow, these past few months have gone by so quick! We made the move to Henderson, Nevada last Monday (July 16th) and well, it's dang hot here (106 degrees), but everything went smooth and we are excited to be here! BJ's family drove across the US of A this summer for family vacation so they were here and helped us get moved and we were so grateful for the extra help! I'll post more about our new place at a later date. 

Hadley is getting so big! I feel like just in the past few weeks she's grown so much. She's recognizing who we are, so when she sees our faces she just lights up, which I think makes things more fun. A couple of things about this little monkey are...

-loves making bubbles, so she constantly has drool running down her face 
-has discovered her hands so she sucks on her fist and fingers a lot, and anything that's near her mouth
-she's very independent, you can just lay her down and she's totally fine (for nap and bedtime we just swaddle her up and lay her down and she puts herself to sleep. Awesome!)
-sleeps pretty good through the night, we may just have to put her binky in once or twice
-loves to face out when she's held
-loves bath time and pool time
-she makes a lot of grunting noises and we can tell that she wants to laugh, she just can't get it out yet. I'm excited for when she does!
-loves reading books
-unfortunately she also loves staring at the TV, especially when The Bachelorette is on:)
-she does great in her car seat and with travelling
-startles easily. BJ sneezed and she just started crying, granted it was the loudest, most obnoxious sneeze you'll ever hear:)
-she is basically just an incredibly great baby and we love her so much!

This is her bubble making face, she looks a little devious

bath time
She's not rolling over because tummy time just involves her licking the floor or her boppy. She makes no attempt to really even move, also because I'm bad at doing tummy time.

Watching Bachelorette. She wants Jef to win.


  1. Look at that HAPPY baby!! I figured out why she is so happy. She wanted you to set up that darling crib and bedding!!! I want to kiss her...

  2. Too cute Julia! She is absolutely precious and we're glad your move went smoothly!

  3. She is ADORABLE! And what is it with husbands and loud sneezing?! Mine could blow the house down! Ha ha ha.