Tuesday, November 20, 2012

sEvEN mOntHs

Well...7 months has gone by incredibly fast and slow at the same time. Fast, in the sense that I can't believe I already have a 7 month old baby and slow, in the sense that I can't believe BJ hasn't even finished one semester of medical school and there's still a lot left! Overall though, things are going swell! BJ is doing really well in school and is still making sure Hadley and I are his top priority. I started working at the Quick Cares here taking x-rays. It's great though because I only work when I can, so so far I've only worked about once a week, so I get to be home most of the time. And Hadley is just a pleasure to be around, for the most part:) No, she's a genuinely happy baby and we love her to death. A quick update...

-she weighs 17 lbs 5 oz and is 28 inches long
-she learned how to clap her hands, which is so fun!
-she loves to yell, especially during sacrament, and likes to jibber jabber throughout the day
-she sits up all by herself
-bath time is her favorite time of the day and she goes crazy with excitement
-when music comes on she starts bobbing back and forth
-she really seems to have a fondness for Elmo compared to all the other Sesame Streeters
-her favorite toy is a plastic bag or water bottle, she's quite simple
-she's really ticklish
-she has an obsession with my hair and I am really flattered by it:)
-she drools like crazy, but still no teeth
-she's a wonderful eater, but awful drinker
-she really likes being around other people, especially kids
-loves when I (or anyone) sing "Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree"
-she kinda poops a lot. I guess that's good, but 3 times a day, really?
-she figured out how to roll over to her back, so night time hasn't been too fun lately
-she is very smiley and it just makes you happy when she does smile at you

We love her so much and she's getting so much fun! It's been fun to watch her learn and grow, she makes us so happy!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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