Thursday, February 7, 2013

She's an official...

CRAWLER!! This girl has been wanting to crawl for the last little bit, but just hasn't been able to do it and the other day I was working on something on my computer and all of a sudden she's beside me with a big, drooly grin on her face. She doesn't do it a whole lot, she'd prefer for us to help her walk or is still pretty content just rolling around. So here's a little video...(I've had all these videos on my phone and didn't know how to get them to the computer to share them and I finally figured it out, it's quite simple and I feel dumb. Actually I didn't even figure it out myself, BJ had to tell me. I don't know why he didn't just tell me months ago).

We went to the park today. Actually we've gone to the park pretty much everyday this week, the weather is beautiful! We went to a park with swings and Hadley loved it!

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