Friday, March 22, 2013

eLeVEn mOntHs

I don't know how I decide which months I'm going to post about, it seems pretty random. It's more like I plan to do it every month because that would make the most sense, but then I forget and don't ever do it. So here we are...11 months old. I can't believe she'll be ONE next month! Crazy! She's seriously so much fun! She got sick this past month and that was not so much fun. I had moments where I'd think that we're not having any more kids, but she's been better and back on schedule for the past little while so maybe we'll have a few more. And a little update of the babe...

She has 3 teeth now. Her bottom two and a top one, but the other top ones are right there ready to poke through any time now. The joys of teething.

She pulls herself up on everything. Including me at the most inopportune moments.

Still loves to dance

She's really good at our phones. She slides it right open and moves all of our apps around, calls people, takes pictures, etc.

She loves to be around other people

Waves like she's in a pageant. She has lovely wrist action

She can stand by herself briefly before falling over

Spitting is a new favorite past time, for her, not me

She jibber jabbers a lot. When she starts talking, I think she'll have a lot to say.

She can point to our noses

She crawls. Fast. I included a video, but I don't think it depicts how fast she really is. She loves when BJ chases her around the house.

Gives high fives

Sleeps like a champ, for the most part

She's loud. But only at church and in the store. She just kinda likes to yell and hear her voice

Loves to play at the park and go for walks

She's a pro at climbing stairs, especially for us not having any. 

hiding from BJ

Just hanging out, playing on the phone
I know this is a random picture of the back of her head, but I think she looks cute. Doesn't she kinda look like Boo from Monsters, Inc.?

Well the video I previously mentioned won't upload for some reason, so it will not be shown for now:(


  1. what a cutie! Totally looks like Boo! And I think the one where she is running from BJ is adorable to!

  2. I love it! And I just resolved my issue with not being able to comment on peoples blogs including yours yahoo!! I'll try not to over-comment haha She is super adorable :)

  3. Her birthday party looks like it turned out to be so much fun! And props on that cake. I may need you as a cake decorator for my children. Also, right before I read your caption, the first thing that came to mind was "she looks like Boo!" Love that little Hadley. Glad the party was a success! :)