Sunday, April 21, 2013

tHe biG ONE

I can't believe Hadley is already oNe! Time flies! I can remember the day she was born like it was yesterday. We are so blessed to have such a sweet little girl and LOVE her to death! For her birthday we had a little party and had some friends over. She's a pretty popular gal and we are so grateful for everyone who was able to come and celebrate with us! My mom and Dan drove down just for her birthday and we're glad they were able to come too! She got lots of fun new toys and cute clothes. I'm running out of places to put stuff in our apartment! I made my first cake. Well, I've made cakes before, not often though, so I guess this was my first time actually decorating a cake. All that hard work for her to just completely destroy it (pictures will follow) and not even try it. I know the pictures look like she has it on her mouth, but that was my doing. She seriously wouldn't even put it in her mouth. Typical. But it was fun to watch her play with it. A little update...actually there's not much of an update from last month. I started to make my bullet points and the only one that's really new is that she's walking! She does so good! She still crawls more often then walks, but she's always trying to stand up and walk around. So walking plus everything else in the past:)


Her new kicks. I just really love 'em and wanted to share
Happy Birthday Hadley! We LoVe you!


  1. Here cake does look soo cute! She is such a doll :)

  2. The cake turned out so cute. She wouldn't eat it? Silly girl!! Those shoes are adorable!!!